KAGİDER Digital Talks: Our Relationships in the Shadow of Corona

Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) continue to address the current problems with the online-held ‘Digital Talks’ during the period of the coronavirus epidemic that made remote work more widespread and required people to stay home.

The topic of the panel realized on 7 April and broadcasted live online was “Our Relationships in the Shadow of Corona”. At the panel moderated by KAGİDER Board Member Güzin İlker, Relationship Systems and Leadership Development Consultant Gülsün Zeytinoğlu and Communication Consultant Ahmet Akın shared their evaluations about how our relations in different matters were affected by this process.

First comes the inner vision, creative processes for the good of the collective next

In her speech, Gülsün Zeytinoğlu emphasized that each individual should strengthen their relationships with respect and love, starting from the honest relationship that one establishes with oneself first: “Since uncertainty increases our stress level, we must first take care to be compassionate to ourselves, we should relax our body and our nervous system. When we are decided, solid, motivated and hopeful; we can reflect this to all our relationships at the same rate. Our story is changing. This will be a process in which we will determine what we will say goodbye to for continuing to adopt new dreams and hope to write the new chapter. As we go through this process, we are vaccinated in a sense and prepare ourselves for the end of this process. This is an invitation to learn and transform with being open and flexible, taking time in between and slowing down from time to time.

“Women leaders will play stronger roles”

Ahmet Akın: “In this period, we also understand the difference between the concepts of desire and need. We see that we bought a lot of things because we wanted them, not because we needed. Now we are developing the consciousness of need awareness. This process that we have passed not only pushes consumers to realize this difference, but also changes the expectations of consumers from brands. By now, consumers expected brands and companies to offer products and services that satisfy them. Now, it is distinctive how much the companies value their employees, whether they see their health as a priority or not, this can set an example in this process. I think the companies of the new era will be companies that protect the ecosystem being at the fore, value their employees, care about the problems of the world they live in and produce solutions. I think that female leaders can play stronger roles in this process. ”