KAGİDER celebrated its 15.year!

KAGİDER celebrated its 15.year with a special premiere night. In addition to the leaders and representatives of the public, private sector and non-governmental organizations, a ceremony was held to thank KAGİDER's business partner, Garanti Bank, and its presidents who have been in office since the establishment of KAGİDER. In the meantime, it was also introduced to the documentary, prepared by Wise TV, specifically for the 15th year, and the book "Inspiring Women" by journalist Elif Ergu.

Speaking at the opening of the gala KAGIDER Chairman Sanem Oktar thanked the 300 members of the organization for their dedication and enthusiasm for their work and their stakeholders for their strong support. Oktar said:

"We have signed many firsts in the 15 years that we have left behind as an association. Thousands of projects have changed the lives of tens of thousands of women have had a dream. I believe that the positive stamp that we are collecting in the coming period will grow and become stronger. KAGIDER has a very important service to Turkey that I think has been one of our most important achievements. At a time when the concept of entrepreneurship in Turkey has just begun to be understood, we have brought together the words 'women' and 'entrepreneur'.

Oktar continued his words as follows:

The fact that women are an important part of the business world and that women can not achieve sustainable development without women's accumulation, energy and potential and without women's participation in employment.

"Our work in the public sector is a crucial part of the activities of our country and the leading companies and organizations in the world we work with in various projects, the non-governmental organizations we have synergy with KAGIDER. Today, gender equality is at the top of the agenda of many companies and organizations, and the number of them is increasing every day. Without this strong support from the community we could not be in our present position. "

Founder President Meltem Kurtsan, who was invited to the chair of honorary guests as a guest of honor at the opening ceremony of Sanem Oktar and a thank you ceremony for Garanti Bank, a long-time partner of KAGIDER, expressed the following views:

"We have a handful of women; we have manifested our material spiritual accumulations, and we have worked very hard. We met at the blind dawn in the morning to not hinder our own business. When we gave the shoulder to the shoulder, we watched with surprise how it could come from the top of some difficulties and how fast it could be handed. Today KAGİDER is living in the 5th president period in the 15th year. As each president has taken his success to the next level, KAGIDER has succeeded in something more: Sustainability. My wish; the creation of a world order in which the inequality of opportunity between men and women is zero.

KAGİDER gala night, documentary showing witness to the works carried out for 15 years by the Wise TV, specially prepared for the 15th year, thanks to the presidents who have been working since foundation and journalist Elif Ergu, Women "with the introduction of the book. Night Aysun and Ali Kocatepe concluded with concert and DJ performance.