KAGİDER Board Member Itır Aykut delivered a speech in Women in Renewable Energy (Wire) event hosted by Canada Istanbul Consulate General

KAGİDER Board Member and International Relations Strategy Group President Itır Aykut delivered a speech as the Honorary Guest in “Women in Renewable Energy” Launch hosted by Canada Ankara Consul General Chris Cooter and Canada Istanbul Consulate General in Pera Palas Hotel in October 15,2018.

Following the opening speech of Consul General Chris Cooter, of the founding members of Women in Renewable Energy (WIRE) Joanna Osawe gave information regarding WIRE, their mission and the importance for them to open an Office in Turkey and thanked for the support they received from the related institutions.

KAGİDER Board Member Itır Aykut, gave information about KAGİDER, shared the general situation of women employment in energy industry in Turkey and emphasized the conducted projects and programs to increase women employment as well as women entrepreneurship in not only energy industry but in every industry in her speech.