KAGİDER attended to FCEM World Congress 2018 in Moscow with a strong delegation

FCEM World Congress, which is organized in different countries each year, was held in Moscow this year in 22-25 October, 2018 with a high level of participation. Program of the congress included sustaining the existing dialogues, evaluations on difficulties as well as new opportunities, sharing experiences and meetings with internationally successful women entrepreneurs.

KAGİDER delegation that attended to the congress consisted of KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar, Vice President Emine Erdem, Board Members Bahar Kayserilioğlu, Fisun Usta, Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoğlu, Meryem Salman, Members Ayla Sevand, Mevlüde Uygun, Mutlu Alkan, Remziye Büyükayman, Tijen Ziyal, Tülin Yazıcı, Zeynep Dicleli and Yeşim Seviğ.

Within the congress, KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar attended to “Presidential Meeting”, which was designed for the presidents of NGOs from FCEM member countries. Moreover, President Sanem Oktar and Board Member Meryem Salman were the speakers in the panel entitled “Obstacles for women entrepreneurs and support from the financial institutions”.

In the Premiere Night, World Congress that will take place in Peru in 2019 was introduced.

KAGİDER delegation also visited Turkish Republic Ambassador of Moscow Hüseyin Lazip Diriöz at his office and stated the willingness of any support to show in order to increase the commercial activities held in Russia by KAGİDER members.

FCEM World Congress will be held in Turkey in 2020, hosted by KAGİDER