KAGIDER was at KOÇKAM workshop

Koç University Center for Gender Studies (KOCKAM) organized a workshop on shaping the Gender Issues Agenda in Turkey.


KOÇKAM director Prof. Çiğdem Kağıtçıbaşı stated the aim of the workshop as exchanging ideas and talking about common problems of education and employment and put emphasis on the question of “how to arise attention in order to shape the public opinion.” Nuray Özbay attended the workshop representing KAGIDER and she talked about the goals of KAGİDER and made a presentation about its early studies.


Koç University academics (Özlem Altan Olcay, Hülya Durudoğan, Bertil Emrah Oder, Zeynep Direk, Dilek Barlas) represented KOÇKAM at the meeting. Other attendants of the workshop were Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation (TAPV), Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work (FSWW), Turkish Women Union, Support for Modern Life Association (ÇYDD), Centre of Judicial Help for Women (KAHDEM), Mother and Child Education Foundation (AÇEV), Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation, The Initiative For Women's Labor and Employment (KEIG), and also Professor Serpil Sancar from Ankara University Woman Research Center. Professor Nermin Abadan Unat, a pioneer of women studies in Turkey, was also there to share her important views and observations.


Questions like how to provide cooperation between universities and NGO’s, and which areas to focus on in order to find solution with the help of this cooperation became prominent at the meeting. 


Priorities were lined up like this after the workshop: 


·       Invite the public to support public corporations which make visible women labor,

 ·       Using media, 

·        Work on two article series focusing on women problems in academic and daily language.