KAGIDER was at Civil Society Consultation Meeting

World Bank’s 2012-2015 Turkey "Country Partnership Strategy" was announced at the civil society consultation meeting, which was joined by KAGIDER representatives Gülden Türktan and Yeşim Seviğ. During the meeting, increasing employment of women and youth was emphasized as an important way to improve societal development.


Human rights, societal development, and NGOs share the following key concerns:


     -       Determining how can civil society develop a holistic approach to social development

-       Determining the social development sector priorities and government provisions in relation to the various civil society responsibilities

-       Evaluating government resource distribution

-       Evaluating government health improvement program

-       Determining which employment strategies are measureable

-       Ensuring equal opportunity to education and determining how to facilitate the transition from school to work

-       Determining what kinds of collaborations can and should be achieved between the public, civil society and the World Bank.