KAGIDER Met the Women Deputies

On October 11th, KAGIDER met the women Deputies and representatives of the 61st government. The KAGIDER members made suggestions on establishing a Women’s Ministry, increasing women representation in political life, allotting more resources for women’s research, ensuring women participation in the business world, supporting women entrepreneurship, and putting an end to violence against women.

KAGIDER members and supervisors came together with Republican People’s Party, Justice and Development Party, Nationalist Movement Party, Peace and Democracy Party members, and 27 women Deputies to discuss KAGIDER’s activities and to demand regulations that will support gender equality. In the meeting the President of the Constitutional Commission of the Parliament, Burhan Kuzu, made a speech.

KAGIDER’s President Gülden Türktan followed with a speech on the importance of government-civil society dialogue, and stated “As KAGIDER we are carrying out important activities to improve the economic and social status of women, and to put an end to violence against women.”