KAGIDER celebrated World Environment Day

KAGIDER celebrated World Environment Day on the 5th of June with friends and members at the Woman Development Center –Biz.

After the opening speech by the head of Yeşil İş Çalışma group Şule Yüksel and group member Bilge Dicleli, a member of the coordination committee of the Buğday Ekolojik Yaşamı Destekleme association, Oya Ayman, shared her thoughts and experiences about recycling and the value of waste management. Ayman told us how she created a fruit and vegetable garden in her backyard using kitchen waste she collected and informed us about how to manage and dispose of plastic, paper and electronic waste.

After Oya Ayman’s presentation, KAGIDER member Miyase Bülbül held a seminar to teach participants about the benefits of raw food consumption. Bülbül not only explained how raw foods help reduce the chances of diabetes, heart illnesses, cholesterol, cancer and obesity, but that their consumption also helps make people feel happy, healthy and active.

Throughout the duration of the event, Buğday Association, EcoIQ Magazine and BZD Publishing, Zeytin İskelesi, Cooking Brawo and Alkavital each set up their company booths.