KAGIDER at Trabzon for the 15th of the Women Entrepreneurs Meetings

The 15th Women Entrepreneurs Meetings took place on the 22nd of November at Trabzon.

Many woman entrepreneur applicants and women entrepreneurs attended the meeting and Garanti Bankası KOBİ Marketing Coordinator Esra Kıvrak, KAGIDER President Gülden Türktan and Trabzon Mayor Recep Kızılcık made the opening speeches at the meeting.

Garanti Bankası KOBİ Marketing Coordinator Esra Kıvrak expressed her joy of being with women entrepreneurs of Trabzon and added, “There are many women entrepreneurs who want to grow their firms, and would like to have a say in many other areas of business. Our main goal is to help them get to places they deserve to be. In our research we saw that women entrepreneurs seek support and courage, communications and financing. And we are continuing to support them in those areas. We will continue supporting women in the business world in order to lead them on to effective positions.”

KAGIDER President Gülden Türktan began her speech by stating that the Karadeniz women are bold and that “With our Opportunity Equality Model which will stimulate equal opportunities in areas such as employment, the workplace and promotions, we aim to create space for women employment in both the private sector and the community. It is my first time in Trabzon, and I noticed right away that the Karadeniz women are bold and enterprising and we have confidence in them. We believe that women entrepreneurs and business owners have an important role in this process.”

Mayor Dr. Recep Kızılcık stated that the participation of women in the business world has increased over the past few years, but it is still not enough. He added: “It is essential to have our women being active in order to carry our society and country to higher points. As the government we have various training and support activities in order to encourage women to be active in the business world. As a result of the training our women will be successful in many spheres of life.”

Moderated by KAGIDER Member of the Board Aydan Baktır, the “I’m Expanding My Business” panel included the presentation of ‘Sales and Customer Relations’ by Berrin Kuleli, ‘Technology in Expanding your Business’ by Ayşe Işıl, ‘Garanti Bank's Approach to Women Entrepreneurs’ by Esra Kıvrak, the KÖSGEB Supports Presentation by Büket Civil and the Work Plan presentation by Bedriya Hülya. Serpil Karuserci who won the Women's Entrepreneurial Region That Matters award at the Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur Contest shared her business experience with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial candidates.