Introductory Meeting of "Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur" was Held at Levent Anatgarde Hotel

Hepsiburada, who is the leader of technological transformation in Turkey put the project of Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur into practice to support them and to contribute to women into the economy. Hepsiburada started this journey with the motto of “Existence of successful women in life is the warrant of our future” and Hepsiburada gives its advantages and technological power to women who have an enterprise idea or who want to maximize her enterprise by e-commerce.

To share the details of the project of “Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur” - which gives chance to women entrepreneur to open an online shop with zero cost and also for having more voice in economy – a Marketplace Meeting was held on 10th of May at Levent Avatgarde Hotel with the cooperation of KAGIDER and Hepsiburada.  In the meeting, KAGIDER Board Member, Şule Yüksel made a speech about being close to information and also customer by means of technology.