"İyi İşler" 2020 applications has started.

("İyi İşler": lit. ‘Good Works’in Turkish)

The aim of the “İyi İşler: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Supply Chains” Program, realized with the support of Boyner Group, KAGİDER and Bank of America, is to support women entrepreneurs and suppliers operating in the textile, garment, shoes, bags and accessories sectors to increase their business capacities with sustainable business models. The "İyi İşler" program also aims to support women entrepreneurs to continue creating environmental, social and economic value in the long term, ensure business continuity and increase their competitiveness by managing sustainable business models.

The women selected for the program are to be provided with trainings.

Women entrepreneurs with at least 3 years of occupational history at a company operating in the textile, ready-to-wear, shoes, bags and accessories sectors; who are shareholders and in the management in their company, can apply to the program.

Within the course of the program; women entrepreneurs will receive trainings on communication, transformative leadership, human resources management, strategic planning, B2B marketing and pricing, competitor analysis and positioning in the market, financial resources for growth and new investments, networks for new markets, quality, social responsibility and chemical compliance management, business law, debts and tax law, foreign trade incentives, public incentive programs and electronic commerce.

"İyi İşler" Program holds the feature of being the first in the World with its growing feature since 2015 with new women entrepreneurs. With this program, for the first time, a company operating in the private sector implements a capacity-building program by supporting the needs of women entrepreneurs both in its supplier network and in its sector. Entrepreneurs can make their applications between 3 and 19 March.