Highlights of 2017


Women Entrepreneur Talks

19 January 2017-We organized "Women Entrepreneur Talks" in cooperation with Garanti Partners in order to get expert opinions to learn how to better use the incentives and support announced for entrepreneurs. Our members had knowledge in a wide range of topics, such as the company models that can be established, the selection of management staff, sustainable accounting systems, tax planning and investment incentives.


Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum-WVEF

23-24 February 2017- Women Vendors Exhibition and Forum organized by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and Kagider in collaboration with Ministry of Economy and with the support of Turkish Exporters’ Assembly, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Garanti Bank. 400 women entrepreneurs and buyers from 42 countries gathered in Istanbul for WVEF where around 1000 bilateral meetings took place resulting in a business volume of 10 million USDs. The forum, organized for women entrepreneurs to create new business opportunities in international markets, included countries such as Mexico, China, Nigeria, Rwanda, Kenya, Kosovo and Ghana, as well as Turkey and women suppliers from the Textile, Tourism, Information and Commercial Services sectors participated. As KAGIDER, we were proud of being invited by many associations from different countries for mentoring to their countries during the Forum. 

MARCH 2017

“Buy from Women, Make Country Win” Campaign Launch

8 March2017- Every year we launch a campaign on International Working Women’s Day and this year we made an announcements as “for Powerful Women! Powerful Turkey!” “Buy from Women, Make Country Win”. If woman works and participates production, she provides job opportunities for more women. Economically empowered woman contributes more both to family and the society.

The sixty-first session of the Commission on the Status of Women- Women Future Leaders Project

13-17 March 2017- As KAGİDER, we presented our successful project “Future’s Women Leaders” as “Good Practice from Turkey” within the 61st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women meetings to the world at ONE United Nations Plaza where more than 60 participants attended. The event started with the opening speech of Meg Jones, Chief of the UN Women Economic Empowerment Department, where she emphasized the importance of women participation to the labour force and stated that she is closely monitoring the work of KAGİDER and therefore, always looking for a closer cooperation in the near future. Human Resources Director of the corporate supporter of “Future’s Women Leaders”, Sanofi Turkey, Türkan Özcan and President of KAGİDER, Sanem Oktar had their opening speeches as well. 

APRİL 2017

W20 Rome-KAGİDER was the only invited institution from Turkey

7 April 2017-The President of KAGIDER, Ms. Sanem Oktar was in Rome for W7 (Women7) as part of G7. At G7, which is a summit gathering 7 major developed and industrialized countries and the EU, a parallel event called W7 was held in Rome this year for the first time. Ms. Sanem Oktar was the sole woman participating the meeting from Turkey among other NGOs.

Ms. Sanem Oktar was a key speaker with the topic of “Participation of women and children in economy”. While sharing the information about the improvement of women entrepreneurship in Turkey, she mentioned her opinion about the need to increase women employment. At the W7 summit, proposals were made to be presented to G7 leaders in support of women's empowerment, economy and participation in business. 

W20 Germany

24April 2017- W20 was held at Berlin as a part of G20. KAGIDER committee ; KAGIDER’s President Sanem Oktar, KAGIDER’s Honorary Board member Gülden Türktan, KAGIDER’s Secretary General Yeşim Seviğ and KAGIDER’s Ankara Representative Sinem Ulutürk attended the Summit. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, Queen of the Netherland Maxima, the President of the IMF Christine Lagarde, and adviser of the US president Ivanka Trump attended the meeting. At the end of the meeting, “Communique of 2017 W20 Germany” was shared with Angela Merkel. The communique includes “Participation to Labor Market”, “Financial Comprehensiveness”, “Digitalization”, and “Empowerment of W20” for sustainable growth. W20 established at 2015 to raise the participation of women into the economy for G20 countries and W20 presidency and its secretariat was given to KAGIDER. Also, KAGIDER was the host of W20 summit at that time. After the Summit, the KAGİDER committee visited Turkey’s Germany ambassador Ali Kemal Aydın and shared W20 and future projects of KAGIDER. 

MAY 2017

“Power of Technology for entrepreneurial women project” launch

10Mayıs2017- Introductory Meeting of "Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur" was Held at Levent Avantgarde Hotel. Hepsiburada, who is the leader of technological transformation in Turkey put the project of Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur into practice to support and contribute women in the economy. Hepsiburada started this journey with the motto of “Existence of successful women in life is the warranty of our future” and Hepsiburada gives its advantages and technological power to women who have an enterprise idea or who want to maximize her enterprise by e-commerce.
To share the details of the project of “Technological Power to Women Entrepreneur” - which gives chance to women entrepreneur to open an online shop with zero cost and also for having more voice in economy – a Marketplace Meeting was held on 10th of May at Levent Avantgarde Hotel with the cooperation of KAGIDER and Hepsiburada.  In the meeting, KAGIDER Board Member, Şule Yüksel made a speech about being close to information and also customer by means of technology. 

Women Entrepreneur Business Meetings-İzmir

12 May 2017-B2B Meetings of Women Entrepreneurs were held in İzmir with the cooperation of KAGIDER and Garanti Bank. The meeting, which was held on 12th of May at Swissotel Grand Efes İzmir started with the speeches of Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, Deputy General Manager of Garanti Bank Cemal Onaran, and President of KAGIDER’s Board Sanem Oktar. The meeting, which aims to provide new cooperations by getting into new markets for women entrepreneurs, who are the impetus of the Turkish economy gathered many women entrepreneurs from different sectors. Attendees, who got chance to meet women entrepreneurs from their own sectors by connecting accelerated business ties took the opportunity of new business by presenting their goods and services at their tables. In addition, e-commerce, digital marketing, and patterns of payment in international trade were shared for development and sustainability of business of women entrepreneurs.

KAGİDER participated in TIM's export delegation program-Israel

15-17 May 2017- The Turkish business world departed to Israel through the Turkish Exporters Assembly’s (TIM) organization. The committee worked for development of trade relations for two days. The committee included many important business people such as President of TIM Mehmet Büyükekşi, President of Kibar Holding Ali Kibar, President of Ağaoğlu Group Ali Ağaoğlu, President of Limak Holding Nihat Özdemir, President of Akfen Holding Hamdi Akın,  President of Kale Group Zeynep Bodur Okyay, President of LC Waikiki Vahap Küçük, CEO of Koton Yılmaz Yılmaz, CEO of Bank Pozitif Hasan Akçakayalıoğlu, President of Çalık Holding Ahmet Çalık, Ali Sabancı from Esas Holding, President of CNR Holding Ceyda Erem, President of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters Association (ITHIB) İsmail Gülle, Ayhan Güner from Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (IMMIB). KAGIDER’s President Sanem Oktar is one of the members of the committee too.

JUNE 2017

Women technology leaders awards

12 June2017- 2nd Women Leaders of Technology Awards, which is a project started with the cooperation of Microsoft Turkey, KAGIDER and then involvement of Aydın Doğan foundation was held on 12th of June at Microsoft Turkey’s office to award Women Leaders of Technology. The project, which is the first technological program aims to award women gives chance to women of all ages and all occupational groups from secondary school and high school students to professional managers. Women Leaders of Technology Awards were given in 8 categories. 

JULY 2017

Turkey- UN Consultation committee meeting-Brussels

17-19 July 2017- KAGIDER Delegation (Emine Perviz Erdem - KAGIDER Vice-President,  Itır Aykut -KAGIDER Board Member, Head of International Relations Strategy Group, Meryem Salman – KAGIDER Associate Board Member, Nur Ger - Co-Founder of KAGIDER and WEPs Business Advocate, Yesim Sevig – KAGIDER Secretary General, Goksen Caliskan SUTEKS Corporate Communications Coordinator and Aslihan Tekin KAGIDER EU Representative) has met with different institutions to share KAGIDER’s agenda and work on women’s empowerment and EU accession process. The delegation met with Cheryl Miller the founder of Digital Leadership Institute and exchange views on their activities and further cooperation models. The delegation also met with Ambassador Faruk Kaymakci, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the European Institutions and exchanged views of EU –Turkey accession process. Ambassador has also attended the seminar in the morning that took place in the European Parliament and shared his opinion on the importance of women’s participation to economic, political and social life. Finally the delegation has also met with the Mr Maciej Popowski, Deputy Director-General for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations and shared their views on the importance of EU accession process for women in Turkey and stated that Turkey should be a full member of the EU and we are looking forward to continue the negotiations by opening chapters and moving forward with the modernisation of Customs Union Agreement.


Women in Soma are enlightening the future project

KAGIDER project “Women in Soma are enlightening the future” funded by the EU Grant “Improving Social Integration and Employability of Disadvantaged Persons” continued with different trainings including mentorship tranings were given by KAGIDER members. 


Georgia global business forum

15 September 2017- Vice President of KAGIDER at the Global Business Forum in Georgia Zehra Güngör shared KAGİDER and her work with participants in the main theme talk "Supporting and Developing Women Entrepreneurship". In addition to this, he participated as a panelist in the "Intercultural Communication" panel.
Vice President of KAGIDER Zehra Güngör and Board Member Feyhan visited the Ambassador Levent Gümrükçü in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia for the Global Business Forum.

İKSİR Town Kastamonu Visit

29-30 September 2017- We organized a trip to İksir Town at Daday / Kastamonu which is owned by our beloved member İksir Aydın. During our visit with 30 KAGİDER members, we met with the members of Kastamonu Entrepreneur Women's Association. We also visited the local markets and supported women tradesmen.


Women Leaders of the Future-Adana

In order to increase the participation of young women in economic and social life, we built a partnership with Sanofi 7 years ago. We held trainings in Adana this year with the participation of 100 young women. The number of young women graduating from the training program reached 600.


“Glad that my Mom is working” campaign with Danone

According to the outcomes of Danone Turkey 2015 research on working mothers, only 9 percent of all companies in Turkey have lactation rooms. KAGİDER and Danone Turkey have launched "The lactation rooms are not luxury but necessity” campaign.
KAGIDER mentored 'Women Entrepreneurs for Trade Association' which will be established in Pakistan

KAGIDER mentored the board of Women entrepreneurs platform in Pakistan and participated to the launch of WE-NET. In order to increase and support Pakistani Women entrepreneurs Trade, Ms.Yasmin Hyder initaited the Women entrepreneurs platform in Pakistan. KAGIDER gave mentoring to 6 board members and shared KAGIDER experience. The next day was the official launch of WE-NET supported by the World Bank and KAGIDER Secretary General was one of the speakers at the launch event.

2.International Women Entrepreneurs Conference

17 November 2017- 2nd International Women Entrepreneurs Conference was held in cooperation with KAGİDER and Turkey Ministry of Economy.
After the opening speeches of KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar and KAGİDER Honorary Board Member Ümit Boyner, Turkey Family and Social Policy Minister Ms. Dr. Fatma Betül Sayan Kaya and Turkey Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekçi performed their speeches.


15th year Celebration

KAGİDER celebrated its 15.year with a special premiere night. In addition to the leaders and representatives of the public, private sector and non-governmental organizations, a ceremony was held to thank KAGİDER's business partner, Garanti Bank, and its presidents who have been in office since the establishment of KAGİDER. In the meantime, it was also introduced to the documentary, prepared by Wise TV, specifically for the 15th year, and the book "Inspiring Women" by journalist Elif Ergu.

Speaking at the opening of the gala KAGIDER Chairman Sanem Oktar thanked the 300 members of the organization for their dedication and enthusiasm for their work and their stakeholders for their strong support. Oktar said:

"We have signed many firsts in the 15 years that we have left behind as an association. Thousands of projects have changed the lives of tens of thousands of women have had a dream. I believe that the positive stamp that we are collecting in the coming period will grow and become stronger. KAGIDER has a very important service to Turkey that I think has been one of our most important achievements. At a time when the concept of entrepreneurship in Turkey has just begun to be understood, we have brought together the words 'women' and 'entrepreneur'.