"Good for Business” New Term Applications Have Started

Boyner Group's "Good for Business” Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Food and Non-Electronic Retail" program, which started in 2015 and has been implemented in collaboration with KAGIDER since 2018, is now receiving the applications for its seventh season starting on September 4th. The "Good for Business” project aims to help women entrepreneurs and suppliers in the textile, ready-to-wear, footwear, handbag, and accessory sectors increase their business capacities with sustainable business models. This year, 10 women entrepreneurs or cooperatives from earthquake-affected regions will be able to join "Good for Business” directly.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Women entrepreneurs who participate in the "Good for Business”" project are provided with comprehensive training in 21 different areas, including communication, strategic planning, financial resources for growth and new investments, contracts and business law, debts, and tax law, to empower them. Women entrepreneurs who successfully complete the training receive "Good for Business" certificates.

Graduates of the "Good for Business" project, which supports women entrepreneurs in developing different areas and differentiating in competition for market access, also benefit from Boyner Group's online channels. Good for Business entrepreneurs reach millions of Boyner Group customers and can take advantage of market access and promotional activities.

Umit Boyner, Member of the Board of Directors of Boyner Group, stated, "The bond of sisterhood we have created will also reach the women in the earthquake-affected areas." Emphasizing that one of the most important conditions for achieving gender equality in Turkiye is women's economic independence, Umit Boyner said, "So far, the impact we have created in our 'Good for Business’ project, from which 119 participants are graduated, is much broader. For example, the women entrepreneurs who are graduated from our program have a female employment rate of 66%, which is significantly higher than the Turkish average. We do not see 'Good for Business' as just a training program. The long-term relationships we have developed here have created a tremendous sense of solidarity, and we have truly created a sisterhood. This year, the participation of women entrepreneurs from earthquake-affected areas will make the project even more meaningful. Our strong bond will not only improve the businesses of women entrepreneurs in the earthquake-affected regions but also support the development of women in the region."

Esra Bezircioglu, President of KAGIDER, also emphasized the importance of the "Good for Business" program for women entrepreneurs and expressed her happiness in being a part of this project. Bezircioglu continued, 'Good for Business’ program has supported 119 women from different cities in Turkiye to grow their businesses. Women entrepreneurs have learned how to overcome many obstacles through the education and mentorship they have received. The successes of graduates have also inspired women who are just starting their businesses. This year, we wanted women entrepreneurs from earthquake-affected provinces to benefit from this program and have opened a quota without pre-selection for them. Ten women entrepreneurs or cooperatives that are not in the food and technology sectors and have been in operation for at least two years can join the program directly. In addition to accessing new markets, they will also make a difference in competition with the training they will receive. I invite women entrepreneurs or cooperatives that meet these criteria to apply to the program: Let's grow your business together."