Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Turkey has been established

Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Turkey was founded with an aim to strengthen and contribute to the development of entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey. Aiming to be the bridge between the global entrepreneurship ecosystem, Turkey will act as one of the parts of the GEN. The Platform which generates programs that target Turkey's priorities operates in 178 countries. GEN provide mentor support for entrepreneurs and also offers opportunities that bring entrepreneurs and angel investors together. GEN Turkey will start entrepreneur acceleration programs, networking events, training and hackathons in 2021.

Besides GEN Turkey's Chairman Nevzat Aydin, Vice Presidents Gulden Yilmaz, Hande Cilingir, Sezai Hazır and Goktekin Dincerler; there are many leading names of Turkey ın entrepreneurship such as Emine Erdem, Ali Sabancı, Cem Sertoğlu and Orhan Turan in the management and executive boards.

What does GEN Turkey Plans to do?

GEN Turkey has created a platform that brings experts together from different sectors and act as a platform that will provide support about what entrepreneurs need to do on their first steps. It will increase the competitiveness of Turkish entrepreneurs by creating opportunities for them to reach and interact with the global enterprise ecosystem. At the same time, entrepreneurs and professionals working together under a single roof in entrepreneurship will strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Turkey.

In addition, it will conduct studies to develop innovative and regulatory changes in cooperation with policy makers and the public and to identify the necessary policy tools. Within the scope of these studies, ideas will be exchanged with policy makers in these countries by evaluating the best practices in the world. By identifying promising entrepreneurs in Turkey, GEN Turkey will facilitate their access to their financing and other support mechanisms. International grant programs for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship contests, acceleration programs, meetings angel investors will be realized under the umbrella of GEN Turkey.