Global Entrepreneurship Activity: Reveal The Entrepreneur Within You!

Between November 5-12th, within the Global Entrepreneurship Week which is celebrated in 101 countries around the world, KAGIDER gathered woman entrepreneurs and entrepreneur to be’s at Women Development Center –BİZ.


The seminar entitled “The Entrepreneur Within You” took place in Woman Development Center “Biz”. Seminar started with the opening speech of Gülseren Onanç, KAGIDER president. She mentioned that in order to foster entrepreneurs in a country, a culture of entrepreneurship should be shaped. “When we established KAGIDER 8 years ago, we recognized how small the number of woman entrepreneurs was in Turkey and we aimed to increase this number and to create synergies between Women entrepreneurs. She emphasized that for more entrepreneurship there should be a holistic frame of a large perspective and policies and told that she dreamed of more women to be more productive.


Onanç, who believes that entrepreneurship can only grow in environments with real democracy and an education system to put this into practice, by giving the example of the creator of Facebook, Zuckerberg. Onanç draw attention to his early entrepreneurship attempts that were successfull on the age of 20. “I hope a culture of entreprenuership can be developed in Turkey, too and I hope we raise many Zuckerbergs” said Onanç.


Ortmans argued that, the average age for becoming an entrepreneur is 40 for both men and Women, because of the need for gathering more information and experience about the sectors, industries and the markets. “Women do have every talent and capacity to become entrepreneurs, yet male entrepreneurs outnumber their female counterparts. That is why government and state support for female entrepreneurship is crucial to fix this gap” said Ortmans.


Later a brainstorming activity took place in which business ideas and diverse methods to realize them were discussed.