Gender Equality is a Must for Sustainable Development

As a part of the meetings that has become a tradition of KAGIDER, the guest of February meeting of KAGIDER was held and hosted Simone Kaslowski, TUSIAD President Board of Directors. During the February meeting, the substantial part of Kaslowski's speech highlighted United Nation’s sustainable development goals, gender equality for sustainable development, and TÜSIAD's expectations and recommendations for the 2020-2023 period.

Along with the participation of KAGIDER members and board members, KAGIDER Founding President Meltem Kurtsan attended the meeting and shared the excitement of KAGİDER's story as it was the first day of KAGIDER’s establishment. Emine Erdem, the President of KAGİDER, made the opening speech of the meeting. In her speech, Erdem;

“During the establishment process of KAGİDER, 37 of our founders spent long hours in the meeting rooms of TUSIAD. As TUSIAD and KAGIDER, we have carried out projects and conducted researches so far. Our European Union representative office, which we opened in 2008, is in the Brussels office of TUSIAD. We know that we have an office wherever we go from Washington to Beijing. Today, 18 years after our foundation, with our 340 members, we are still proud and feel strong by feeling the support of TUSIAD. ”

TUSIAD President Simone Kaslowski, who took the floor after the opening speech of Emine Erdem, emphasized that gender equality is essential for sustainable development:

“The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals cover the objectives of ending poverty, tackling inequality and injustice and overcoming climate change by 2030. As TUSIAD, we take these targets into consideration all through our works and keep attentive to raise awareness in the business world. The indispensable part of sustainable development is ensuring gender equality. ”

Touching upon the importance of supporting mechanisms, such as nurseries, and combating violence for women's labor force participation, Kaslowski continued with the following statements:

 “We should proceed following hard behind the transformation of the broad sphere consisting of mechanisms to support the consistence of women's participation in education, workforce and their family lives; such as day nurseries, and never stop following that transformation. It is very valuable and important for both TUSIAD and KAGIDER to continue their efforts in this direction without slowing down. ”