Gender Council

“Gender Equality in Marketing Communications” workshop, which was developed by Koç Holding to carry a gender equality approach to marketing and communication studies was held on 20th of June at Koç Holding with the participation of TUSIAD Working Group on Gender Equality. KAGIDER’s Project Coordinator Esra İdris attended the meeting. The workshop, which was held to contribute to breaking the prejudices of gender in communication studies reaching large masses started with exchanging ideas among attendees about the definition and scope of gender equality. Koç Holding officials shared Guidebook of Gender Equality in Marketing Communications, which was created by Koç’s brands for communication studies. At the day-long different works, interactive works were made with "concept and content", "gender stereotypes", "positioning", and "language and style" framework. At the end, there some point that were emphasized. The first one is that being a supporter of gender equality at institutions is a duty of everybody. The second one is that necessary of being a leadership (especially for communication professionals) for gender equality when setting corporate culture and communication strategies.