Founder of Emily’s List Ellen Malcolm was at KAGIDER

Counselor of Hillary Clinton, American activist and women strength in politics expert Ellen Malcolm made a special presentation for KAGIDER members on the 3rd of November.

Malcolm’s presentation was on “How Women Political Entrepreneurs are changing the Face of Politics in America?” Malcolm who explained the founding process of Emily’s List which is a foundation that supports women in politics also shared the idea of social enterprise with the participants. The main message of the meeting was that many countries are fighting the same battle of wanting to see an increase in the number of women politicians. Any successful solution derived from one country may be used as an example for another.

Who is Ellen Malcolm?

Ellen Malcolm born in 1947 is well known as an individual who has guided American politics. After she graduated from Hollins University in 1969, she worked with Esther Peterson at Common Cause and soon after as Press Agent at National Women's Political Caucus and Carter Government. Later she founded the well discussed Emily’s List campaign, started political advocacy and campaigning in order to help women constituents join politics. Malcolm took part in Hillary Clinton’s campaign as Vice President in 2007 and was appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Park Foundation. She has been listed as one of the most important women in America in magazines such as Glamour, Ladies Home Journal, and Vanity Fair.