Female Entrepreneurship in Tourism Sector and Opportunities Panel in Kusadasi

The panel was carried out by KAGIDER within the framework of support for local entrepreneurship in Turkey. Through the panel women entrepreneurs from Kusadasi had the opportunity to meet with KAGIDER members and shared their experiences and success stories.


After the speeches of Serdar Akdoğan, president of the chamber of commerce of Kuşadası and Mustafa Esen, the district governor of Kuşadası, Gülseren Onanç discussed women’s status in Turkey and the activities of KAGIDER as a women’s NGO. Oya Narin, chairwoman of Martı Hotels presented her speech on tourism sector, the importance of Kuşadası in tourism and provided examples about women’s role in tourism.


At the end of the panel, a consensus on conducting a project about local product designing was reached by the participants from the region and all the panelists underlined their willingness to provide support and consultancy whenever needed. The president of the chamber of commerce of Kuşadası declared that the Chamber Service Building could be used for the project.


The panel produced a fruitful outcome which will provide a new platform for local female entrepreneurship.