EU Relations Committee

President Ayla Sevand

KAGIDER believes in and supports Turkey�s admission into the EU, while arguing for the importance of women�s active participation in the negotiation process. As a civil society organization, it has actively participated in the accession process and aims at proceeding to take an even more active part in the future as well. The activities targeting the EU dialogue are centered in KAGIDER� s Brussels office, which is an active player in Turkey�s lobbying activities. KAGIDER is the first woman NGO in Turkey, which as a representative office in Brussels. Established in March 2008, KAGIDER EU Brussels office became a very important voice in Brussels and held many activities for promoting gender equality as well as Turkey�s accession to the EU. In this context, KAGIDER has implemented several successful projects, and continues to put her initiative on many political and social developments in Turkey as well as in the international arena. KAGIDER puts her efforts on building a sustainable dialogue with the several EU institutions, including the Parliament and the Commission . Moreover, KAGIDER establishes sustainable relationships with the EU member countries, while continuing her lobyying activities for the EU on the national level. As a member of the Turkey-EU Joint Consultative Committee, KAGIDER regularly attends the Committee meetings and present reports.