Empowering Early Stage Investors (ESIL) Summit - Brussels

Board of Directors Member and Structure Strategy Group President Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoglu joined to Empowering Early Stage Investor (ESIL) promotion meeting in Brussels in November 5-6, as Empowering Early Stage Investors (ESIL) Turkey Leader while Aslıhan Tekin also participated to the meeting as KAGIDER Brussels Representative.

Informative panels about ESIL and angel investors were held in the first day of the meeting, where angel investors and companies from 26 countries attended. In the second day, crowdfunding activities, example from the countries, problems encountered and legislation were discussed.


  • A Project developed within the framework of European Commission Horizon 2020
  • ESIL is a Pan-Europe Group which aims at improving angel investment market, encouraging foreign investments, making new agreements and planning to prepare a special training program for local ecosystems.
  • Aims:
    • Sustainable and comprehensive strategy for capacity building for early stage investments within Europe
    • Early stage investment specialism at a higher degree in Europe
    • Increasing the early stage investments including foreign investments in Europe
  • ESIL Group: Capacity building by META Group, coordinated by early stage investment international specialists from Europe Business Angels Union, EBN, Europe Crowdfunding Network, Go Beyond, LINC Scotland, Biforce

About ESIL