Effectiveness of the Mobility Project in Romania

The KAGIDER Mobility Project Stakeholder event took place in Bucharest, Romania from June 13th to the 15th. The first two days of this three day event consisted of presentations focused on entrepreneurship, advocacy and successful campaigning.


KAGIDER's Secretary General Yesim Sevig, shared a presentation on the obstacles and success of entrepreneurial ecosystems in Turkey. KAGIDER Board Member Emine Billet shared a short story on entrepreneurship. The Deputy Secretary General, Nuray Ozbay of KAGIDER made a presentation on how campaigning and advocacy efforts can help influence public policies in Turkey.


During the two-day workshop, studies focused on the empowerment of women and issues common to the Balkan countries were assessed. On the third day of the meeting, the Balkan Coalition made important decisions regarding the future of women in the Balkan region.