Business Meeting in Turkish Trade Center

March 16, 2018 We have organized a business meeting in Turkish Trade Center, which is opened together with KAGİDER and TİM. In the meeting, we got informed about how Turkish Trade Center operates, how a company can rent a place at the center and the possible cooperation activities. 

It is emphasized in the meeting that for the exporters who want to enter the US market should know the marketplace and it will make it easy for the companies to operate in the market if they cooperate with representatives who know the market well. It is underlined that the standards in the ready wear market are settled but still, support should be received from the Ministry of Economics for market research. We realized that getting involved in the customer network is very valuable to be able to sell the products in large retailer companies such as Walmart. However, the initial step to be taken in order to be able to operate in the US market is emphasized as to have a meeting with Commercial Attache’s Office in the US Consulate.