Bizbizze Mentorship Meeting was Organized at KAGIDER’s Office

Bizbizze Project aims to be a facilitating structure that adopts mutual learning and openness of capacities by associating beneficiaries with guidance, education, coach and mentor counselling, support groups and ultimately focus on service processes and volunteer human resources.

Bizbizze mentorship program, as a part of Bizbizze project, would provide mentorship service for women, who want to establish their own companies or who want to work under the umbrella of an institution between May and December 2017. Bizbizze mentorship program is supported by KAGİDER, one of the business partner of the project. Bizbizze mentorship program aims having strategic perspective, knowing yourself, and evaluating alternatives for mentees.

In the meeting, which was held on the 26th of April, at KAGİDER’s office, Şule Yüksel, one of the Board Member of KAGİDER, shared KAGİDER’s mentorship experiences.