B2B Meetings of Women Entrepreneurs were Held in İzmir

B2B Meetings of Women Entrepreneurs were held in İzmir with the cooperation of KAGIDER and Garanti Bank. The meeting, which was held on 12th of May at Swissotel Grand Efes İzmir started with the speeches of Deputy Minister of Economy Fatih Metin, Deputy General Manager of Garanti Bank Cemal Onaran, and President of KAGIDER’s Board Sanem Oktar.

The meeting, which aims to provide new cooperations by getting into new markets for women entrepreneurs, who are the impetus of the Turkish economy gathered many women entrepreneurs from different sectors. Attendees, who got chance to meet women entrepreneurs from their own sectors by connecting accelerated business ties took the opportunity of new business by presenting their goods and services at their tables. In addition, e-commerce, digital marketing, and patterns of payment in international trade were shared for development and sustainability of business of women entrepreneurs.

Sanem Oktar emphasized the importance of women entrepreneurs once again by these words: “Empowered woman would rise the prosperity of her family and children. A Turkey, which women have a strong place as a subject in the society and a Turkey, which has a gender equality provided society would rise its prosperity.”