“Women Angels for Entrepreneurs” (WA4E)

Board of Directors Member and Structure Strategy Group President Nesrin Karaoğlu Otuzoglu and General Secretary Yeşim Seviğ attended to “Women Angels for Entrepreneurs” meetings in Paris

The closing meeting of WA4E, which was a Project concluded by Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and England together as a consortium between 2017-2018, funded by EU, received participants from 19 counties.

The aim of WA4E was to create awareness about angel investment, increase the percentage of women angel investors by 10% and creating new investments to the market with the amount of 2.5 million euros. It is revealed that the women angel investor percentage in Europe is 15% and within the Project, 300 new women angel investors were found in 6 counties.

The hesitations behind being  angel investors were discussed as follows: not enough information about angel investing, the requirement of investors being wealthy.

In the event held at night, 5 entrepreneurs, 4 being women, shared their experiences who received investments from investment networks.