"Women Leaders of the Future” 2011 Graduates

KAGIDER "Women Leaders of the Future" project was created in 2010 to pave the way for young women entrepreneurs and strenghten their positions in civil society and in the business world.

410 young woman candidates applied for the "Women Leaders of the Future" project, which was launched with support of sanofi-aventis.

Resume screening, phone interviews were held on October 4-6, and following that process 61 women were short-listed for face-to-face interviews. For the Platform Certification program, which is part of the framework of the Women’s Development Center, 20 new graduates and 61 women age 20-25 participated in a 4-day training program from October 17-20.

They recieved training in the job application process, writing CVs, job searches using technology, basic technology and financial knowledge, effective communication skills, workplace ethics, time management, and leadership training.

Following a social activism and entrepreneurship seminar, women role models were selected to share theır stories with the group. In addition, participants recieved direct information on banking, health, retail and the telecommunication sector. On November 18th, the young women who completed their training met at the sanofi-aventis building to recieve their certificates.  

The seminar’s trainers included:

Gülin Yücel, Servisîmin Cömert Birced, Aysun Barın, Melek Bar Elmas, Hürriyet Özçelik, Ayşegül Özsan, Tuğba Jabban, Manolya Taşer, Diana Misim Fındıkoğlu, Seçil Şendağ, 

Ferah Lök, İkbal Oakley, Pelin Yenigün Dilek, Derya Sel Bozkurt, Uğur Özmen, Seyhan Üner, Aslı Sinanoğlu, Selin Öz, İlkay Löker, Ayben Ünal.