Young KAGIDER Days – Sabancı University

Young KAGIDER’s first event took place at Sabancı University’s Sinema Salon on the 21st of February; 150 students participated.

The event began with a welcoming speech by Sabancı University Management’s faculty member Burcu Taşoluk.

Following the screening of Young KAGIDER’s movie, the Vice President of KAGIDER- Selma Akdoğan- spoke of the importance of advocating for women entrepreneurs, as well as improving women’s social and economic status. Akdoğan explained that they would carry out their meetings with the participation of professional managers, entrepreneurs, sociologists, and psychologists; she also added that they would be introducing different branches of work for the youth.

Child and adult psychiatrist, Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci, continued the conversation with a presentation on “The Effect of Women’s Participation in the Economic World”. She discussed the intersection of motherhood with having a career, and how society oftentimes judges working women. She also said that the business world has for a long time been one exclusively for men, but emphasized that simply being a human, working hard, and striving for success is what is needed to participate and succeed in the business world – regardless of one’s gender.

The CEO of Avivasa, Meral Erdenk, Prof. Dr. Bengi Semerci, National Basketball Player Yasemin Horasan, and Serhat Görgün from Galata Business Angels each spoke as part of the panel. Meral Erdenk, who pointed out the importance of women entering the business world, said “You are this country’s most important resource. We must not waste this.”

Serhat Görgün followed, stating that “If Turkey wants to develop it must realize the importance of technology and support it’s women entrepreneurs.”

Yasemin Horasan then described her success as a professional athlete and essentially ran her own program that employed many people. Horasan told the participants that basketball has taught her to take responsibility, manage risks, and face problems head on, adding that she will use this knowledge in all areas of her life.

In the second part of the panel co-founder of Enkuba, Pınar Kapralı Görsev, made a presentation titled “My First Idea, My First Enterprise,” in which she described her experiences as an entrepreneur.