Women’s Impact on Economic, Social and Political Arenas were Discussed at the 2nd International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit

2nd International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit organized by KAGIDER took place in Istanbul on May 27-28, 2010. The motto of 2010 Summit was; “More Empowered Women, More Prosperity”, which aims to underline the crucial contribution of women entrepreneurship and leadership to economic development and growth; thereby providing ground for national and international policy making, as well as leading the actors to cooperate and take action on these very vital issues.


KAGIDER accomplished and surpasses expectations tackling areas of vitality for women entrepreneurs and leaders to explore including topics of women’s contribution to the re-shaping of a new world order, the role of women’s participation in the economy, the global impact of women in civil society, women and their role in the world of foreign affairs, diversity as a step towards prosperity, the enhancement of support mechanisms for women leaders and entrepreneurs, environmental sustainability and the role of Islam on the development and empowerment of Women. Contributions from the participants and the plethora of professionals allowed for the summit to be an enriching and fruitful experience for everyone. Thus, the 2nd International Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Summit has become an effective platform for lobbying and creating opportunities for social, political and economic reform within Turkey in the arena of women entrepreneurship and leadership. The summit successfully hosted over 350 participants including media representation.


KAGIDER is motivated and ready to continue to foster growth, progression and unification via the continuation of our annual summit in years to come. The aim continues to reach an increasing number of women alongside our stakeholders and friends from the International Community.


                What were the topics?

27th May 2010, Thursday

·         “More Empowered Women, More Prosperity”

·         How should the new world order be? Hoe women would shape a New World Order?

·         What is the role of the women leaders in increasing women’s participation in the economy?

·         Can we change the world? The Global Impact of women in civil society?

·         Women and Diplomacy, Being a Woman in the world of foreign Relations


28th May 2010, Friday

·         Diversity as a Step Towards Prosperity

·         Support Mechanisms for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders

·         Sustainability Now: New Opportunities Arising from Climate Change

·         How Islam Influences the Empowerment and Development of Women