“How to enter and expand your business in India?” presentation at –Biz

Satheesh Namasivayam was at KAGİDER’s Woman Development Center –Biz on the 10th of August to make a presentation about entering and expanding business in India.

Satheesh Namasivayam, Managing Director of MindVISA, has around 15 years of management consulting experience across US, Europe, Latin America and SE Asia. He advises senior management of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations on business strategy, leadership and cross-cultural strategies, and has advised a number of Fortune 500 companies.  Satheesh specializes in facilitating business strategy workshops to help his clients bring alignment between – and within – teams in forging a common path forward for their organizations.

“Even as financial uncertainties engulfed the globe in the past two years, India – like China – registered significant growth rates.  In the coming decade, India’s GDP is expected to grow multi-fold, funneled by investments in infrastructure” said Namasivayam.