Making the world a better place for women, future generations and all humanity is an indispensable goal.

The participation of women in the economy is of key importance to bringing countries to prosperity.

In our effort to become one of the leading countries in the world in terms of economic and social welfare, women's participation in the economy is essential. A peaceful environment free from domestic violence contributes to women's economic participation, thereby bringing economic prosperity to the family and the country as a whole.

Dividing the society over the dispute of women rights, claiming that a gender or a minority is not primary is discrimination and cannot be accepted by laws of our country and by the universal legal norms. Insulting statatements targeting politicians and non-governmental organizations who defend women's equal enjoyment of human rights guaranteed by the Constitution are completely against the law and do not comply with the understanding of universal law.

Women make up the half of our population and they are the common creator of our future with men. A strong woman means a strong family, a prosperous future and a strong country. As the men and women of this country; we are more creative, more productive and stronger together.

A discourse other than the above both isolates our country at the international level and brings about consequences that negatively affect the economy and the society.

Our country will be strong to the extent that we provide women with opprtunities to participate in the economic and social life.

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