KAGİDER was at the Euro-Med Women's Rights Conference in Cairo

At the Euro-Med Women's Rights CSOS Conference held in Cairo, KAGIDER took part in a working group on "Issues preventing women from entering the labor market equally and policies to provide opportunities". 

Since the first Ministerial Conference in Istanbul 2006, the UfM Ministerial Process on strengthening the role of women in society has been approached by civil society as one of the major tools to promote gender equality in the Euro-Med region. Following up on the Ministerial Conclusions, Euromed Feminist Initiative launched in 2015 a women’s rights CSOs-led dialogue process between civil society and decision makers with the support of the European Union. The outcome is a Gender Regional Platform, developed by over 600 participants. The Civil Society Conference held on November 22nd -23rd, 2017 in Cairo has been the final step in this process, before the 4th Ministerial Conference.
The Civil Society Conference gathered over 130 representatives from 107 organizations and networks, as well as academia and media from 26 countries. Participants shared expertise and analyses of the situation in the region, exchanged experiences from the ground, and based on the priorities and policy orientations of the Gender Regional Platform, produced recommendations for concrete policy measures, possible to be implemented by the governments before the 5thUfM Ministerial Conference.

Participants reaffirmed that the status of gender equality is a measure of democracy and development, and cannot be dissociated from the wider political, social, cultural and economic trends. They expressed a unanimous concern about the global regression of women’s rights and the shrinking space and means for the action of the civil society as a whole, which contributes to limiting the action and influence of the women’s rights organizations in particular. Furthermore, the turbulent developments and the resort to militarized solutions to the conflicts in the region are often used by governments as excuses to postpone the adoption of measures and policies leading to strengthened women’s rights.

Declaration of the Euro-Med Women’s Rights Civil Society Conference:

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