KAGIDER is in Europe

KAGIDER members Berrin Kuleli, Ayşegül Özsan, Dilek Bil, Serap Zuvin, Berna Akyıldız, Tuğba Yazıcı, Secretary General Rina Altaras, Director of KGLM (Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Centre) Özgül Mutlu Erdemli, Project Assistants Özge Birişik and Nuray Özbay and also MEP of Justice and Development Party Fazilet Dağcı Çığlık, Republican People’s Party County Commissioner Didem Engin, Coordinator of Women for Women’s Rights New Ways Evre Kaynak, Director of Turkish Cultural Foundation AFS Intercultural Exchange Programs Fatma Akgün and Bilge Fırat from SUNY Binghamton participated to a study visit in Brussels which was organized by the NATO Public Diplomacy Division and KAGIDER Brussels Office. During the visit, Turkish women were represented on the highest level in the international platform and the participants were involved in a series of briefings and meetings where they received detailed information about NATO and the EU’s international policies and their affairs with

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