Board of Directors


KAGİDER 2015-2017 Board of Directors

  • emine erdem

    Emine Erdem

    Emine Erdem

    Born in Istanbul in 1959, Emine Perviz Erdem graduated from Notre Dame de Sion French High School and has a degree in Law and a M.Sc. in Business Administration from Istanbul University. A lawyer by profession, she is a Board Member of Erdem Holding since 1985 and served as a Chamber Counsel for Turkish Airlines between 1990 and 2017 until her retirement. She is the President of KAGIDER where she has been a Board Member since 2013. Successively, she worked as the President of Soroptimist International of Turkey (2008-2010), Board Member (2013-2017) and Vice President (2015-2017) of Soroptimist International of Europe and President of Soroptimist International Convention (2015.) She is the Vice President of SEDEFED, one of the founders of UNESCO-Istanbul Center for Global Ethics and Sustainable Development and a member of the Advisory Board of Association of Women Candidates. She is a member of UNESCO Turkish National Commission Gender Equality Monitoring Committee. She has also worked as the Assistant Coordinator of Istanbul Women’s Platform, and her other civil society memberships include International Federation of University Women and Foundation of Turkish Women in Legal Profession. She has been a spokesperson at several international meetings such as International Federation of University Women Conference (2013), 6th World Water Forum (2012) and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Equality Commission Meeting (2009). She speaks French and English.

    Tijen Mergen

    Vice President
    Tijen Mergen

    Tijen Mergen graduated from Bosphorus University , Department of Electrical Engineering with Master of Science degree in 1985.  

    More than 19 years, she worked for IT industry,  As Sale & Marketing  Manager in Eastern Europe, NCR and as General Manager, Apple., Mergen recieved the “Business Woman of the Year” award from Dünya Newspaper, 2000. 

    2004-2014,  She worked for Doğan Group as the Chief Sales, Marketing  and Business Development Officer and Steering Committee Member. During this period she was the leader of  digital transformation projects  of the media and led one of the most successful social campaign “Dad Send Me to School” as well.

    Lastly she became an entrepreneur and established her own business in 2014.  Her company and “Happiness at Work Platform (POH)” gives various services to the corporates at all levels, to make their working places happier by organizing workshops, seminers, consultancy  services and tlks. PO H also gives services on Story Telling and digital transformation and marketing.
    Since 1999, she was involved in many social and engio activities dealing with diversity , education and gender equality issues . At present she is VP at the board of Kagider, and  the board member at  Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği. Over 5 years Mergen is also giving lectures at Bahçeşehir University on Marketing Strategies and Digital Transformation.

    Ayşegül Özsan

    Board Member
    Ayşegül Özsan 

    Ayşegül Özsan is a graduate of Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. After one year of language training in London, she joined Standard Chartered Bank in London, followed by a one-year ‘Executive Management’ training at training centers in Malaysia and Singapore,which followed by a one-month Outdoor-Survival training in Lumut, Malaysia.

    Between 1985 and 1999, she worked at StandardChartered, Credit Lyonnais, Citibank, in various cities .i.e Istanbul, Izmir, Dubai, Bahrain. She was an Executive Vice President when she left Citibank in 1999.

    During her banking career, Özsan has received dozens of technical and skill-based training programs in Turkey and abroad. She has organized various training programs and seminars during his duties.

    The Özsan founded, A and C Özsan Training and Consultancy, in 2001. The company , has organized training and seminar programs for 100,000 people and has coached approximately 1,000 managers since then.
    Özsan continues to serve as a co-founder and provides training,consultancy and one-on-one executive coaching services to companies. She also provides training on Sales Skills, Call Center Management, Performance Management, Sales Management, Coaching and Time Management, and also serves as an executive coach.

    Özsan is a member of ASTD (ATD) and attends ATD conferences in the USA.
     Ayşegül Özsan provides education in Turkish and English

    Berrin Kuleli

    Vice Presedent
    Berrin Kuleli

    Berrin Kuleli was born in Istanbul. 

    She studied English Literature at Marmara University and completed her Master’s degree in International Business Administration at Istanbul University.

    She began her career working in the export department at the Head Office of a leading bank and then as a financial analyst at Procter & Gamble.

    During her career at Shell Petroleum Company she acquired a series of skills and experience within her 10 years in the sales and marketing department as a planning analyst,  regional sales manager and also  training manager of all Shell stations. 

    She has created and provided many trainings on improving service quality and has personally participated in many international projects developed by Shell to ensure a better customer satisfaction. 

    Inspired by a project she carried out at Shell in 1998, she decided to pursue entrepreneurship by starting her company as Piramit Danışmanlık. 

    Her company takes on various customer satisfaction surveys through mystery shopping projects for leading international and national companies by evaluating the quality of customer service and analyzing the areas to improve. She was a pioneer of leading these types of mystery shopping projects as it had not been done yet in many sectors before. The company provides this service not only in Turkey but also in 45 countries all over the world. 

    She is the board member of KAGİDER, treasurer of KAGİDER and also founder and board member of LEAD Network Turkey. 

    She carries out the social responsibilities of KAGIDER and Lead Network and leads and takes important roles in various projects..

    She has received mentor training from the European Union Mentor Project Network and now mentors many entrepreneurial women. She has also been esteemed with the title of a role model for the Balkan women’s commission, chosen amongst 3 others by female entrepreneurs in Turkey. 

    She is married and has a daughter.

    Esra Bezircioğlu

    Board Member
    Esra Bezircioglu

    She was born in 1977 in Istanbul.
    Graduated from Istanbul University, Department of Geophysical Engineering.
    Married and has two children.
    She has started her career in Yurtseven Group of Companies in 1997 while she was still a student. 
    She has worked in order and without any interruption at:
    1998 - Canon
    2003 - Fujitsu,
    Konica Minolta - Transteknik Holding in 2004

    After taking the senior management positions in her professional business life, Esra Bezircioğlu started her entrepreneurship experience and she established Tek Bilişim in 2006 and Edalp Bilişim in 2015.
    As of 2019, Esra Bezircioglu continues her 23rd year of work experience in office machines, documentation management, technology consultancy, sales and company management. 

    Feyhan Kapralı

    Board Member

    Fisun Usta

    Board Member
    Fisun Usta                                                                                                                   
    Born 27.03.1958
    Owner of PAK Yikama and USTEK RFID Solutions
    Fisun Usta, Owner of PAK Yikama and USTEK RFID Solutions
    PAK Yikama, industrial laundry servicing greater Istanbul with 100 tonnes/shift capacity
    USTEK RFID Solutions, technology company based in Istanbul that manufactures and sells UHF RFID chips, readers and software
    We have two companies that are essentially interlinked and strongly encourage and support each other’s growth.
    One is PAK Yikama, an industrial laundry that has been working with hotels and hospitals in the Istanbul area since 1988. We currently have 200+ employees across 3 ISO certified facilities (a label indicating quality reliability and the highest quality). Our 22.000 sqm central plant located in Industrial Zone in Istanbul is the most technologically advanced laundry in Turkey and one of the largest facilities in Europe.
    USTEK first started as a research and development project run by my children to explore the use of RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in industrial laundries. It raised so much interest that two years later it became a separate company: USTEK RFID Solutions.
    Currently, USTEK designs, develops and manufactures all its UHF RFID tags, readers and software in-house in its facilities in Istanbul, Turkey. Our products are in operation in more than 30 countries, including the UK, USA, Benelux, France, Germany, Romania, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Turkey.

    Güzin İlker

    Board Member
    Güzin İlker

    Born in 1958 in Samsun, Güzin İlker completed her secondary education at Samsun 19 Mayıs Highschool and graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Business Administration in 1981. Her career in business started in her university years working with her father who was a knitwear industrialist. In 1988 she and her dentist sister Ayşegül Demirağ founded Bioritm Beauty Institute providing services in beauty, wellness, cosmetics and dental care. Bioritm began to become a brand when its first branch in Erenköy was followed by a second Erenköy branch in 1996, a Nişantaşı branch in 1998 and another one in Stavropol, Russia in 2003. Bioritm is also the Turkish distributor of the renowned Italian slimming technology InfrafitX since 1997. 
    Having completed Marmara University MIS program in 1997, Güzin İlker is a member of KAGİDER since 2006 and has been involved as a participant, active member and/or mentor in numerous projects towards empowerment of women in business and social life. Since 2015, she has been a KAGİDER board member for Networking Strategy. She is married with two sons. 
  • alev akın

    Alev Akın

    Associate Board Member
    Alev Akın

    Ms. Akın graduated from Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University in 1994 and got her master degree in 1996 from the same university. During her studies, she has worked in a TUBITAK Project as the assistant project manager. Between 1996-2001, she continued her career in various construction projects, either as a project team member or as a coordinator.  Following that, in between 2001-2005 she worked as the General Manager at BMS, furniture company where she performed the project management of the “GSA” projects of the USA government in Turkey in cooperation with Herman Miller Inc. Ms. Akın achieved her PMP degree in 2005 and established their company İŞTE Proje Yönetimi  together with her partner, Mrs. Gül Erkmen (architect,ms). Between 2006-2009, she served as the Board Member and General Secretary of  İstanbul Project Management Association (IPYD). During 2010-2011 she led the position of  Chairman of Board in IPYD.

    Ms. Akın and her committed team have been delivering project management services in the sector for 13 years in almost 1 million (m2) closed space with the guidance of their “raison d’etre” : They believe that the projects/investments that would shape the world can be more effective and productive only with a dedicated stakeholder and project management mentality.

    Apart from her professional career, Ms. Akin leads various volunteer positions at IPYD (Istanbul Project Management Association), PMI (Project Management Institute) and KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey), in order to achieve to create more value while changing the world.

    Aytül Erçil

    Associate Board Member
    Aytül Erçil

    Prof. Erçil has received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a B.S. in Mathematics from Boğaziçi University in 1979, M.S. and PhD in Applied Math from Brown University in 1980 and 1983 respectively. She has then worked at General Research Laboratories for five years as senior research scientist and staff research scientist. She has been a faculty member and founding director of BUPAM Pattern Analysis and Machine Vision Laboratory at Boğazici University in 1988-2001 and has been a faculty member and founding director of VPALAB Computer vision and Pattern Analysis Laboratory at Sabancı University since 2001. Prof. Erçil has directed many international projects (Nato, FP4, Eureka, NSF, FP6, Nedo, FP7, Horizon 2020). She has been the founding president of TOTIAD – Turkish Pattern REcognition and Image Analysis Society and executive board member of IAPR, International Association of Pattern Recognition. Her work has received many awards including ‘International Achievement award, Eureka Success story, Endeavor Entrepreneur, Technology award finalist, Veuve Clicquot high impact female entrepreneur of the year award – Turkish representative, First price in Machines and Accessories Production Technologies award, ‘Turkey’s female entrepreneur’ award, ‘Crystal Tree woman entrepreneur of the year’ award, ‘ANSIAD academician of the year’ award, “Microsoft Woman leader in Information Technologies” award, Selcuk Yasar “entrepreneurship, innovation” award, ‘EY Startup of the Year Award’. She is a member of Allianz International Advisory board, member of Swiss Innovation Valley advisory board and a member of the joint scientific and industrial advisory board of European Machine Vision Association. 
    Prof. Ercil was the founding partner and CEO of Vistek A.Ş. since 2006 which was acquired by ISRA Vision A.G. in 2013. She is currently co-founder and CEO of Vispera A.Ş and co-founder of Rebuslabs Ltd. She is also a certified angel investor and a member of the Keiretsu Angel Investment Network and a board member at Kagider – women entrepreneurs organization - Turkey.

    Bahar Şen

    Associate Board Member
    Bahar Şen

    Bahar Şen, is founder of one of Turkey’s leading management systems consultancy firm called ''Springtime Danismanlik'’ and also cofounder of ‘’Success Programme’’. Graduated from ITU Environmental Engineering Department. She has served as a leader in several public and private sector companies including leading BSI-British Standards Institution as Country Manager. She founded Springtime Danismanlik as a solopreneur and grow the company to become a corporate in 14 years with high customer satisfaction and customer reference. She and her team gave consultancy to more than 350 companies out of Turkey’s first 500 companies. She has worked with many companies in Europe and Asia to help them raise their performance, quality and safety bars.

    After 30 years of experience now she has a bigger purpose with the new company Success Programme’s mission ‘’to inspire and empower 2 million business leaders to create impact that help grow companies and country in a positive direction.  Success Programme enable business leaders for the digital economy by arming them with new skills, tools, and mindset. She helps exponentially growing companies, multinationals but especially woman leaders on change management, exponential growth, employee experience and leadership development with globally recognized tools and techniques.

    In addition to her board member role in Kagider, she is member of Turkish Culture Foundation, British Turkish Chamber of Commerce. She is in the leader team of Istanbul and Ankara Chapters of Singularity University which is recognized as one of the most significant authorities on exponential growth. She loves sailing and she has one son.

    Beylem Leblebici Birsen

    Associate Board Member
    Beylem Leblebici Birsen

    Beylem Leblebici Birsen was born in 1979. After finishing Notre Dame De Sion French High School, she respectively graduated from Istanbul University (Business Administration) and London Metropolitan University. She is now working in Lepar Otomotiv ,her family business in automotive after market industry.  She got married to Volkan Birsen and has two girls named Alara and Bade. She joined Kagider in 2010 and she is also a member of OSS association.

    Ferah Türel

    Board Member

    Ferah  TÜREL

    Ferah  TÜREL is a graduate of  İzmir Ozel Turk High School.   Then she has graduated Law Faculty of  Dokuz Eylul University, İZMİR. 
    At the beginning of her carrier, she worked as corporate lawyer in a publishing house.  After a period of working  as lawyer,  she started as notary public.   
    The first place as notary public was a small city in the east of Turkey,  Özalp-Van.  She worked there between 1995-1998.     She continued her carrier in 1998-2000 at İscehisarAfyon ,  in 2000-2005 at Kars,   in 2005-2008 at Kırıkkale.    
    Currently, she is a notary public in İstanbul (Notary Public,  Beyoglu 48).  She is married and has two children. 

    Member of Supervisoy Board at  Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGİDER) The International Union of Notaries (UINL) 
    Union of Turkish Public Notaries (TNB)
    Maslak (İstanbul) Rotary Club  Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) 


    Filiz Yaldız

    Associate Board Member
  • PınarAkalınKagiderGYK

    Pınar Akalın

    Associate Board Member

    Pınar Akalın

    Pınar Akalın, Türkiye’nin öncü biyoteknoloji firmalarından, yüksek ölçekli sentetik DNA üretimi yapan Sentromer DNA Teknolojileri’nin kurucusu ve yöneticisidir. 

    Amerika'da Kimya, Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik eğitiminin ardından kariyerine genomik veri bankacılığı alanında çalışarak devam etmiştir.

    2009 yılında İstanbul'da İTÜ Teknokent'te kurduğu firmada sentetik DNA üretiminin yanısıra sağlık ve biyoteknoloji alanında tanı ve tedaviye yönelik, belirlenen öncelikler doğrultusunda ürün ve hizmet geliştirmeye devam etmektedir.

    Akalın, İngilizce ve Fransızca bilmektedir.

    KAGİDER - Türkiye Kadın Girişimciler Derneği yönetim kurulu ve çeşitli meslek gruplarında (ESCMID, ACS, IFSH, Türk Moleküler Biyoloji ve Genetik Derneği) aktif üyeliği olup, bilimsel çalışmalara ait patent ve yayınları bulunmaktadır.

    2011 KAGİDER-Garanti Bankası-Ekonomist Dergisi Türkiye’nin Kadın Girişimcisi yarışmasında Yılın Gelecek Vaadeden Kadın Girişimcisi; 
    2012 ANGİAD Başarılı Kadın Girişimci; 
    2013 KOSGEB Başarılı Kadın Girişimci; 
    2015 Bilim, Sanayi ve Ticaret Bakanlığı Teknoloji Geliştirme Bölgeleri En İyi Kuluçka Firma Ödülü;
    2018 Türkiye Ekonomi Zirvesi Yılın Kadın Girişimcisi Ödülü; 
    2019 İş’te Kadın Cumhurbaşkanlığı ödüllerine layık görülmüştür.


    Sezen Sungur Saral

    Associate Board Member
    Sezen Sungur Saral

    Sezen Sungur Saral, Founding Partner of reeder, holds an International Trade degree from Bogazici University, one of the most reputable colleges in Turkey. Having worked for 8 years in the largest trade fairs organizer in the country, she quit while holding Deputy General Manager position, in order to fulfill her passion of easing the way for people to reach knowledge through mobile technologies. 

    Having introduced the very first e-book reader device in Turkish market with the brand name "reeder" in 2010, Selekt Computers Ltd extended its product range to tablets and smartphones in its first 5 years. Partnering up with global and local giants like Intel and Turkcell, reeder acquired leadership in tablet business in Turkey and one of its smartphone models has taken place in "Top 25" list in 2015. 

    Forming a strategic partnership with a Chinese investor in 2018, reeder built its factory for local production of tablets, phones and wearables in Samsun, a city located in Northern Anatolia. Apart from hardwares, reeder develops mobile applications and games which favors reeder users, therefore enhancing the consumer experience. 

    The factory has the capacity to manufacture 600.000 pieces of computers, phones and smart wearables in total. Locally manufactured mobile products of reeder are now offered by each and every electronics store and GSM shop throughout the country. 

    reeder stands out as the only "63% women-owned" mobile technology brand in Turkey.  Sezen, a former national olympic-ski-team member, was selected by Endeavor Turkey and accepted to EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program.

    Sezen was awarded as “Turkey’s Woman Entrepreneur” in the contest organized jointly by Garanti BBVA Bank and KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey) in 2018 and she was awarded as “Woman Entrepreneur of the Year” by EY’s prestigious EOY contest in 2019. 

    Sezen is now a board member of KAGİDER and taking an active role in women empowerment projects while focusing on increasing exports towards her company’s goal of becoming a global brand. 

    Tülin Yazıcı

    Associate Board Member

    Tülin Yazıcı

    Rana Tülin Yazıcı was born in 1957 in Lüleburgaz and graduated from Hacettepe University High School of Nursing, worked for many years in the construction company of her husband.

    Since 1988, she has worked in a family-owned foreign trade company. She was in charge of the marketing and management of representation and textile exports within the company.

    In 1995, with the encouragement of a close friend, she became interested in the uniform sector. Then she went to Paris to meet with Balenciaga Company and started to work uniform by taking representatives of Balenciaga's Carven - Claude de Tourtour and Balenciaga uniform brands.

    In 2006, she started working with Canan Göknil Eryurt and after that, she established Dress Best Uniforms brand by transforming this cooperation into a designer - industry partnership for the first time in the uniform industry.

    Dress Best Uniforms not only served domestic but also abroad. With the brand, Rana Tülün Yazıcı has become the uniform design and supplier of Europe, Middle East and Africa regions of many hotels, including Accor, Hilton, Hyatt, Ihg, Starwood, Wyndham, and Radisson Group Hotels.

    Rana Tülin Yazıcı has established dealerships single-vendor contracts with The United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Also opened a branch office in the Netherlands to increase competitiveness in the European market.

    Besides Turkey Dress Best Uniforms designs and products uniforms in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Turkic Republics areas for the different industries as airlines, hospitals, public institutions and for corporate companies. Presently, Rana Tülin Yazici's brand is one of the leading companies in the sector and exports to 48 different countries.