The Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGIDER) is a non-governmental organization aimed at strengthening women entrepreneurs. Our goal is not to strengthen women only economically but also socially and politically. KAGIDER has made its mission to support women entrepreneurship because it believes that women entrepreneurs has a strong impact on reversing the trends of gender inequality and women’s economic exclusion. In addition, the goal is to bring attention to the societal contributions of women entrepreneurs in maintaining gender equality within society.

In partnership with national and international public, private and civil organizations we have developed and continue to work on several projects and activities. KAGIDER, which membership includes 350+ members, is engaged in training, counselling and mentorship activities towards economically empowering and strengthening women entrepreneurs. KAGIDER advocates for equal opportunities for men and women where it is engaged in a number of activities directed towards this issue.

KAGIDER follows 8 strategies in carrying out its activities:

8 Main Strategy
1-Increase the number of women in the business world and promote women entrepreneurs
2-Provide trainings and mentoring to women in entering the business world and becoming an entrepreneur
3-Spread the impacts of KAGIDER’s activities across Turkey
4-Support the legal base for the development of an ecosystem for women entrepreneurship while providing a road map for financial access
5-Support KAGIDER members in growing their businesses
6-Encourage and support young women in their entry into the business and entrepreneurial world while continuing their education
7-Raising awareness about KAGIDER
8-Become a reference point for supporting women entrepreneurship and developing the content and technological activities in women's careers at the national and international level.