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Uludağ Economy Summit

Yazar KAGİDER Editör | Ara 20, 2016
fotografli-bulten-dagitimi-uludag-ekonomi-zirvesi-is-kadinlari-iste-daha-fazla-930298 KAGİDER President Sanem Oktar participated as a speaker at Uludağ Economy Summit that brings together leaders of economy and business world every year.  Oktar speaking at the panel moderated by Nutricia General Manager Gamze Çuhadaroğlu, said “Smart companies are the ones who give equal opportunities to men and women. You should evaluate women by their talents and skills, not by their gender. Smart companies do this. You cannot progress economically if you keep half of your population away from your talent pool. True development can only be reached with women’s full participation to economy and taking part at the decision making positions.” 

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